JMLAW, PA is a full-service law firm serving the needs of clients throughout the country. Timeshare law is one area of law our firm is concentrated on. We represent clients that have been victims of timeshare fraud, misrepresentation, scams and those struggling financially to keep up with their timeshare ownerships. With our attorneys understanding the complexity of real estate and contract law, we are uniquely positioned to help. There is not a genuine resale market available to clients in order to get rid of timeshare ownership and the rental market is just as treacherous. JMLAW, PA has been able to settle with large and small timeshare companies alike. We have successfully obtained cash settlements and refunds for clients as well as cancellation of debt associated with the timeshare purchase. We also strive free clients from the never-ending grip of increasing maintenance fees every year. We offer a free consultation to all clients, no matter the size of your case.

JMLAW, PA also services clients with real estate needs. We work with all ranges of clients; developers to buyers alike. If you need assistance in getting your project off the ground, JMLAW will work hand in hand throughout the entire process. We have worked with developers of hospitality projects, shopping centers, office complexes, restaurants and much more. We will help alongside you to get your project off the ground and operational. Additionally, it is very important to understand and negotiate all franchise and licensing agreements. Let us fight to get you more favorable terms!

If a project has fallen upon hard times, JMLAW can facilitate loan workouts with lending institutions. We can also help clients in acquiring new financing to keep your business going and growing. Stressful times accompany down markets, do not go through the fight alone. Hiring qualified attorneys can make all the difference.

JMLAW, PA works with businesses just starting out to ones that have been in business for numerous years.  We help clients achieve their unique goals by drafting the appropriate documents. It is important to document the objectives that are set out when a business starts as well as when the needs of a business change. We at JMLAW, PA can help with conceptualizing and explaining what is needed to obtain specific objectives to all parties.

We believe that the United States of America is the greatest country in the world. It is a country established by immigrants and a beacon throughout the world. JMLAW, PA works with a variety of clients attempting to immigrate to the US, such as EB-5 visas.  EB-5 visas allow status in the US with an investment in a business; this is only one type of visa offered. Call us today to see which works best for your needs.

JMLAW, PA also fights for clients that have been injured. We also help doctors that have been constrained on how they treat their patients due to insurance companies. Insurance companies have a team of qualified lawyers working on their behalf, shouldn’t you?

Having a trust, will or an estate plan in place is imperative. The financial future of your loved ones and businesses are uncertain without the correct plan in place. JMLAW, PA can provide security by executing an exact plan according to your wishes.

JMLAW, PA has brought together a unique and special team for our mass tort and products liability division. We fight for the injustices created by large corporations that have very little regard for the general population, but care more about their bottom line.  We will form a creative strategy in litigation, mediation or arbitration to suit the needs of an individual or a class.

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