JMLAW, PA is a full-service law firm to serve all of your legal needs. We strive on always putting the client’s needs first. Timeshare Relief is a unique area of law we work on. We represent clients that have been misrepresented, lied to and scammed by timeshare companies into purchasing timeshares they do not need, want or agreed to purchase. Most clients are not even aware there is a legal remedy available. We have successfully canceled contracts, negotiated debt forgiveness and obtained refunds for our clients. JMLAW, PA fights for clients when they have been wronged; we offer services ranging from Mass Tort and Products Liability to personal injuries and PIP claims.

At JMLAW, PA we stand next to our clients throughout the entire legal process. Be it from starting a business to developing large projects, we will be your partners throughout. Our attorneys will navigate through complex and complicated processes for your development. JMLAW, PA will assist in purchasing, financing and securing the right assets for your project. We help clients obtain favorable terms with franchisors, negotiate licensing agreements, as well as ensuring advantageous terms with lending institutions to ensure your endeavor is successful. Even if your business has bumps along the road, we can help you get back on track. We help clients with loan workouts to contract disputes to ensure your business succeeds. We have been able to obtain loan reductions in order to prevent foreclosures as well as restructuring previous contracts to provide stability to your business. We not only strive to provide stability to your business, but also to our clients personally. You have worked hard to ensure success, you must also protect it. We can assist in estate planning as well as help establish various types of trust and wills to meet your needs. At JMLAW, PA we are here to serve all of your legal needs with a more hands-on approach working jointly with our clients to achieve their goals and meet their needs.

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Timeshare Relief

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Real Estate

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