Timeshare Horror Story

Wyndham Hotels and Resorts

Timeshare Horror Story

Company: Wyndham Resorts

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Total Contract Value

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Bert and Marge Sanders were retirees in their late 70’s who had been timeshare owners with a large timeshare organization for several years. As they got on in years, they realized that they were using their timeshare less and less due to their physical state and needed to figure out how to get out of their timeshare in the case that they passed. They both knew that their adult children had no interest in their timeshares and they had little prospects for selling the timeshare on the resale market, but they still were finding a way to get out of their timeshare.

Later that year Bert and Marge were attending another unavoidable ownership meeting at their home resort where they learned about a program that that offered them a solution to their timeshare woes and would help them get out of their timeshare. The large timeshare company’s program offered the Sanders a way to get out of their timeshare by buying back their timeshare when the time came that they no longer needed the timeshare. They were so excited that they volunteered to go to another excruciating sales pitch for the timeshare program, four hours later, tired and exhausted, Bert and Marge signed their contract and paid a lump sum of $26,000; they thought their exit plan was secure.

That night, after driving home from the timeshare presentation, they had dinner with another senior couple that had also bought into the same timeshare program that day. The two couples sat together and reviewed their timeshare contracts, totalling some 40 pages, and soon realized that the timeshare contract that they had signed “was not worth the power that it was printed on”. Not only did the timeshare company require the contract to stay in place for a minimum of five years, but they were only required to pay 20% of the timeshare value and only if the timeshare company choose to do so.

None of this was revealed to either couple during their 4 hour marathon meeting. At this time both couples decided that enough was enough and sought legal action to help to resolve their timeshare woes.

With the help of timeshare legal action, Bert and Marge were able to cancel their timeshare with the large timeshare company, including all maintenance fees and received a cash settlement of over $26,500. They were ecstatic to be free from their #TIMESHARENIGHTMARE!



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