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JM Law Presents: Timeshare Nightmare Vol. 2
timeshare nightmare

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Sarah was a grandmother and timeshare owner who loved taking her family to Myrtle Beach to enjoy the sunshine. She had booked a vacation for her grandson and sister at a popular resort that was also a timeshare property. Sarah had been having trouble with her kidneys and just began a new prescription pill regimen the day before leaving for the trip. When Sarah arrived at the resort she was racked by pain and was unable to leave her room for several days. Unfortunately for Sarah, the day that she began feeling up to leaving her room was fortuitously the day that her timeshare presentation was scheduled, the timeshare nigthmare was still to come.

Sarah went to the timeshare presentation feeling ill and wearing shoes two sizes larger than normal as her feet had swollen as a result of the medications she was taking. Nonetheless, the timeshare sales agent was extremely charming, extolling to Sarah all the virtues of owning a timeshare during an 8 hour timeshare presentation that included a tour of the entire resort. Upon returning from the all day timeshare sellathon, Sarah was exhausted and was not feeling well, however the timeshare salesrep continued selling her on purchasing a timeshare.

After talking another few hours in the timeshare sales office, Sarah was presented with two timeshare packages, one for $33,000 and another far superior option, according to the sales rep, for $55,000. Sarah was told her two weeks of timeshare allotment would virtually pay for itself over the course of a few years as she would be able to rent one week of her timeshare time for a profit. At this point, Sarah had an extremely low blood pressure as she had not eaten at all that day and was still dealing with the effects of her new medicines.

The timeshare sales agent then told Sarah he was going to see if he could get a refund on her room at the resort, and use that as the downpayment for the timeshare. The agent returned with $1000 in CASH taken directly from the resorts cash drawer. Sarah was confused as to why the timeshare sales rep needed to bring the cash to the table as that could easily be handled in the paperwork, but dismissed it as another sales tactic. Sarah decided to move forward with the timeshare as she thought that her grandson would enjoy coming to the beach, and she wanted to get out of the timeshare office. Little did Sarah know, a timeshare nightmare would await her.

Sarah was taken into a closing room where she was told that her conversation was being recorded, which she also thought strange. After about an hour of filling out handwritten forms, the timeshare sales rep asked Sarah if she would like to eat at the restaurant early and she could finish reviewing the papers at her leisure, after she had already signed. Close to passing out, Sarah accepted the offer from the timeshare sales rep and went to restaurant.

When Sarah finally did review her paperwork after getting home two days later, she realized that many of the promises that had been made to her regarding her timeshare, such as guaranteed weeks, rental assistance and more were simply lies. Even more alarming, there was no mention of the $1,000 cash deposit that the timeshare sales rep implied she had made, and instead the paperwork showed that it would be paid with the first timeshare payment. Sarah immediately knew that she needed to get out of her timeshare nightmare, and knowing that she had 5 days under South Carolina law, called the timeshare office to cancel her contract.

After Sarah finally got on the phone with her timeshare sale rep, she was told to call the main office in Florida. After several messages Sarah finally heard back from the main timeshare office and was informed that her last day to cancel had been the previous day, and that they company wasn’t going to let her cancel her contract. Desperate, Sarah inquired about the 36 month no interest plan she had been told about at the timeshare office, which ended up requiring her to place a $22,000 downpayment split between two high interest credit cards.

 The next morning Sarah began the process of getting legal representation and secured council that same week. Sarah was able to cancel her timeshare contract and received over $26,000 in repayments from the timeshare company. Eventually, her timeshare nightmare would be over, but not without the help a timeshare cancellation lawyer. To learn more about how sarah escaped her timeshare nightmare, and how we can help you do the same, contact us and we will get to you as soon as we can.

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